QuickBooks multi user setup

Starting with QuickBooks 2008 and 2009 there is a change in to the financial information new company file is stored and retrieved this new stored system or database system is more powerful safe and secure way to keep your financial information. in this tutorial i share how to impact your business in some of the decision you may have to make with settings to get the most benefits improvements power stability of the database.

This has particulate relevance if you are using QuickBooks multiple users over network new software install a new application by the name of QUICKBOOKS DATABASE SERVER MANAGER. This application acts like gatekeeper for QuickBooks software, controlling requests from remote users to retrieve and update information in your company file. This application should be installed on machines where you have your company files located.

Here are three different ways your company can be setup on network so,

  • First one is a single user mode.

For example if you use QuickBooks in single user mode on one PC but you want your database should be installed on your company server so you suppose to install QuickBooks database server manager and QuickBooks software on your company server as well. That means whenever you are going to update anything on your company file that will automatically update on your company server databases as well. This is not required to install QuickBooks software on your company server but this is the best way to keep your information safe and secure.


  • The second setup is client-server network


In this setup you have your company file installed on you company server and all the users will be accessing company file through network. You do not require installing QuickBooks database server manager on each and every user’s computer. it should be install on your company server.


  • The third way is PEER to PEER network

In this setup your company file will be located on QuickBooks administrator share drive all the users should be sharing company file from the specific share drive. it’s always recommended you should install database server manager on share drive computer.


To Setup QuickBooks in Multiuser more follow this.