QuickBooks Tips and Tricks

Here We discuss about QuickBooks Tips and Tricks QuickBooks is such a rich software that it contains several features that are rarely or never used.because of the small business owner doesn’t take the time to explore all of these valuable features.

QuickBooks Tips and Tricks


1.The Shipping Manager

If your company does a lot of shipping with either Fed Ex or UPS, the shipping manager can integrate your costs and flow all information into your QuickBooks files.

2.The Feedback Button

The feedback button is located on the main menu icon bar right after ‘search’. The changes that are made every year to improve QuickBooks software are ideas that have come from actual users of QuickBooks like yourself

3.Intuit Marketing Tools

Google has teamed up with QuickBooks to allow users to market their business on Google through the QuickBooks software. Typically, the offer is $50 of free pay per click advertising for you business

4.The Loan Manager

To find the loan manager, you must click on the help key and enter ‘loan manager’ to begin using it. This application allows you to enter in all your debt, short and long term, with the interest rates and payoff amounts

5.Third Party Solutions

QuickBooks Tips and Tricks with many different types of software packages. The place to find it is at the Marketplace site on Intuit’s main website. The third party solutions page contains Industries that have unique needs.Construction companies for example, sometimes use separate software for estimating costs, and will have completely different software needs than the Retail or Professional industries.

6.Customer Manager

Many business owners with more than 100 customers have purchased a program called ACT which retails at about $300. The Customer Manager is $70 off of an affiliate website and will do what ACT will do. It keeps track of each communication (email, letter, or phone calls), each document (invoices, sales receipts, etc) and each job or project associated with that customer. It also keeps track of your referrals, scans, pictures and customer history.

7.QuickBooks Merchant Service and Online Web store

If you have a web store for your business that wasn’t set up through QuickBooks, chances are you paid too much for the setup and maintenance. QuickBooks has arrangements with the top online store generators which will allow you to be open 24/7 on the web and have all the information flow into QuickBooks Tips and Tricks QuickBooks while you are away. The companies that QuickBooks uses are: Go Daddy, Homestead, Network Solutions, Prostores (EBAY), and Website Pros. With the seamless integration of your merchant services account and the online web store, you can rest assured that your business continues operating, and customers can keep paying you, even while you are closed, or on vacation.

8.Gift Cards

For those Point of Sale users, they may not be aware that they can create Gift Cards that are unique to their business. Statistics show that upwards of 60% of all gifts during Christmas are Gift Cards to various stores. That’s money in the pocket of the small business owner that cannot be used in any other store! A gift card represents money exclusively to your business so that you can now be on a level playing field with the larger retailers who can offer gift cards of any denomination to all their customers.

9.Document Manager

The Document Manager is part of the customer manager program which is available separately. This feature allows you to scan and keep all copies of invoices sent to you and filed under the individual customers or vendors. All of these scans are available to you with the touch of a button or click of a mouse so that all those filing cabinets become obsolete.

10.Extra tip

With all of these scans, files and more kept on your hard drive it is more important than ever to have a back up of your information that is readily accessible to you. Intuit offers an online backup service for your hard drive for $149.95 a year. It is thorough and will do what you need to have done. However, as complete and convenient as that is, there is a better choice out there which for $50.00 a year will back up everything on your hard drive from QuickBooks files and music, to documents, pictures and everything else. This service is called Carbonite and is located on that companies’ website. I’ve had too many clients lose valuable data to viruses, Trojan horses, and worms to sit back and allow them to not back up their data.