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QuickBooks POS Support Number : 1-844-556-6315

There are two main components of your point of sale system. The hardware, which would include the “register,” monitor and all peripheral pieces such as scanners, printers and any card readers. Then you have the software, the heart of the retail management system. Without the software, the hardware is useless; software can control your inventory, take your orders, manage accounts payable and receivable, and even help you to develop a great marketing strategy geared towards your most loyal customers.

The Quickbooks Point of Sale software is an easy to use interface that does everything from literally, managing the point of sale, tracking sales history to inventory control and purchasing. Intuit Quickbooks Point of Sale is a perpetual inventory management system, that keeps your stock update in real time. Adding new items is relatively easy, you can assign item or UPC numbers, tax status, quanities, images of the item and even assign it a department name. It also includes a size style grid, that will allow you to set varying attributes for an item. For example, a tennis shoe in three different colors and a total of 6 different sizes. This grid reduces the mistakes made when keying inventory amounts. If you offer commissions on certain items for your employees, the Quickbooks POS includes a feature that allows you to set certain items as eligible for commission as well. The “End of Day” feature is also another plus. There are several End of Day reports that you can run that will make the task of reconciling your cash drawer very easy. It tallies net sales, cash flow and discount breakouts as well. The customer tracking feature keeps up with your top customers, keeping all of their purchase history in a neat file. This allows you to build a better relationship with your most loyal clients with targeted sales and loyalty discounts.

Now those are just a few of the features that come standard with the Quickbooks POS software, you’ll find those and many more in both the POS Basic and POS Pro versions. So what sets the two apart? For starters, the Basic software is for use in a single store single user environment only. With POS PRO, you are given the option to upgrade to the convenient Multi-Store software that has the ability to manage up to twenty stores from one location. Some of the other features of Pro that are not found in Basic are – employee hours tracking, customize price tags and receipts, work order and sales order tracking. You can create customer letters easily, serial number tracking, lay aways, and the ability to send time cards to QuickBooks Financial for payroll processing.

Intuit also has a selection of retail hardware available for purchase as well. Although you may prefer to use your own, please note that it may not be compatible with the Quickbooks Point of Sale Software. This hardware includes a card reader, receipt printer, cash drawer, bar code scanner, inventory scanner, and several pin pad debit card options.

The Quickbooks software has a price point of just under $900 for Basic and under $1300 and $1700 for Pro and Pro Multi-User respectively. While the Quickbooks software is a phenomenal tool, the challenge will come in finding a reliable Service and Support provider. The Intuit company does not provide on site tech and client support, so you will need to outsource that aspect and while the software itself is pretty popular amongst small retailers, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll find an abundance of service and support options in your immediate area.

Dial +1(844) 556-6315 For QuickBooks Point of Sale Support

ks POS support basically consists of extensive bundle for both hardware and software include POS stand, secure cache drawer, interface support for iPad, payment device and barcode scanner in the hardware part. We are proud to announce that we have been praised with the Premier Reseller’s label which allows us to sell POS hardware and software after launching it.

Top Quality Accounting Support

We house Certified ProAdvisors who are adept in handling 99.9% of accounting, bookkeeping, tax and payroll tasks. They can easily draft tax reports and invoices in accordance with the details true to the company. Experience in all sorts of accounting capabilities ensure they can also outperform payroll process with least number of errors while providing all the needed solutions to all POS and accounting queries.

Take for example a simple invoice report which needs to be customized. If the employee has prior experience of doing it, he will not have any problem; however the other scenario will lead him to waste time by browsing over net to do the same. In this case, user can contact our ProAdvisors who will immediately guide the employee and also provide some tips for future. So the question now comes is that whether the company can afford to give time for learning manually or would like to opt for instant support from experienced professional?

It is but obvious, that authentic and quality support will be charged, but an effort to avoid this small cost can result in huge loss of the business if the user keeps on employing the faulty software. Inaccurate tax results and late payments cause heavy fine and penalties that can not only affect the budget but also reputation of the business.

Connect with us to garner swift services and knowledge regarding the POS functionality and queries. Inform our customer support team about your issue in detail and we promise prompt resolution of your problems in first go. Just call on QuickBooks Customer support number +1-800-910-6880 and relay the issue in full disclosure to the support representative.