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What’s QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks has an amazing tool call QuickBooks File Doctor and able to fix lots of QuickBooks Related Issues.

QuickBooks File Doctor

List of the error that can be fixed by QuickBooks Repair Tool/QuickBooks File Doctor:

  • QuickBooks Error Code -6176, 0: It’s Network Error when user is using QuickBooks in multiple user mode and computer are unable to communicate reach other.
  • QuickBooks Error Code -6000, -107: This file missing error QuickBooks Working Company file extension is .QBW        And QuickBooks Transactions file is called QBQ.TLG . As far as location is concern both files will be stored in same location.But when you QuickBooks Unable to retrieve .TLG file  that’s when this error comes.
  • QuickBooks Error Code -6000, -1076:: When issues appears with QuickBooks Installer Service.
  • QuickBooks Error Code -6010, -100: This error comes in when QuickBooks Company files is located on server and QuickBooks Data base server manager unable to connect.This issue cloud be responsible to for multiple errors for Example: QuickBooks Error -6138, -105, QuickBooks Error -6210, 0, QuickBooks Error -6189, -83, QuickBooks Error -6190, -83.
  • QuickBooks Error Code -6012, -1061: When QuickBooks Setup in multi user mode company file can be excess by multiple users.When any issue happens with shared network. list of other error coeds can be happen because of this       QuickBooks Error -6144, -82, QuickBooks Error -6000, -82 .
  • QuickBooks Error Code -6129, -101: If you don’t have permissions to the shared folder where company file is located.Or unable to connect with QuickBooks Data Base server manager.
  • QuickBooks Error Code: -6190, 816: When you are using multi user setup and one of the user accessing QuickBooks in single user mode.
  • QuickBooks Error Code 6190, -85: Complication Between .QBW and .TGL extension can give you this error including QuickBooks Error 6190, -82.
  • QuickBooks Error Code -6000, -832: When QuickBooks Company file Unable to connect .ND file.
  • QuickBooks Error Code -6144, -304: Wen QuickBooks Unable to open .QBW and try to open sample file.It’s Company file location issue.This issues could also Cause QuickBooks Error -6190, 1005 and QuickBooks Error -6189, 1005.
  • QuickBooks Error Code -6000, -305: When issues with the company file shared network or company file has data damage issue. Call intuit data service and get fix at the price Fee: 249.95 one time fix.
  • QuickBooks Error Code -6073, -816: This Error is also falls under data file damage
  • QuickBooks Error Code -6144,-103: QuickBooks Data Base server manager is damage. QuickBooks Error -6144, 0 is also part of this issue.
  • QuickBooks Error Code -6120, 0: QuickBooks Firewall Port 8019 is blocking company file.
  • QuickBooks Error Code -6087, 0: When Company file is located on server but you are trying to Access locally. Another error code associated with this issue is QuickBooks Error -6131, 0.

Above listed error codes can be fix by QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool/QuickBooks Repair Tool/QuickBooks File Doctor.

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How to Run QuickBooks File Doctor:


This Video Will explain how to run QuickBooks File Doctor.